Jamaica’s Richest Persons – Top 5

richest people in jamaican michael lee chin

Hey, have you ever wondered who the richest persons in Jamaica are?  Well, we were curious also, and to lessen this curiosity, we have decided to compile a list of the five richest persons in Jamaica. These persons are Micheal Lee-Chin, Gordon Butch Stewart, Usain Bolt, Rita Marley, and Levi Roots. Below you will find their net worth and a little about their accomplishments.

Micheal Lee-Chin

At the top of the list is Micheal Lee-Chin. Mr. Lee-Chin made his wealth by investing in the National Commercial Bank and AIC. With a net worth of approximately US. 2.8 billion. He is of the habit of creating dominant companies and selling them for a profit. With his incredible foresight to spot profitable companies and high investments, there is no sign that he will give up this number one spot soon.

Gordon Butch Stewart

Gordon “Butch” Stewart, Founder and Chairman of Sandals and Beaches Resorts

Gordon Butch Stewart is the second wealthiest man in Jamaica. Gordon Stewart is the chairman of Sandals resort International, the group of companies under the Appliance Traders umbrella and the Jamaica Observer. Stewart started as a salesman and purchased his first two hotels in 1981. His interest in entrepreneurship began at a tender age, which is why it comes as no surprise that is Net Worth is over the US $1 Billion. 

Usain Bolt

Third place on this list goes to Usain Bolt, yes the fastest man in the world is also the third richest man in Jamaica. Bolt’s net worth is well over the US $90 million.

Usain Bolt Win Medal – Brazil – Richest Jamaica

With his various sprinting promotions, his career as an athlete, business investor, and business owner, Usain Bolt quickly became one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. It is said that Usain Bolt makes well over the US $20 million every year. Bolt serves as a brand ambassador for many brands, including local brands here in his name country. He gives back to his community as often as he can.

Rita Marley

Making number four is Rita Marley. Wife of the late Bob Marley has a Net Worth of approximately US $50 million. In 2004 Rita Marley released an autobiography entitled “No woman No Cry my life with Bob Marley.” Rita Marley also shows her hands in entrepreneurship as she turned Bob Marley’s home into a museum shortly after his death. This museum is visited by thousands each year. Rita has given back by establishing a foundation in her late husband’s man to assist the less fortunate and the needy, among many other charitable efforts. 

Levi Roots

Number five richest person in Jamaica is Levi Roots, Net worth of US$46 million. Levi Roots produced his cookbook in 2008. We also created the Reggae-Reggae or Roots Reggae Sauce, a Jerk Barbecue Sauce, which found much success. He was also a participant on the ‘Dragon’s Den’ television show. The Levi Roots brand continues to grow with the Caribbean inspired cooking sauces, soft drinks, desserts, ready meals, and more. Several high-end restaurant chains have signed deals with the Roots Levi brand to include the Roots sauce on their menus. Levi’s wealth will undoubtedly continue to grow as his business and brand expand.

Most handsome Jamaican Men – May 2020

sean paul jamaica artiste handsome

The women of Jamaica have spoken, they have chosen the most handsome Jamaican men for 2020. We may know Jamaica as the land of wood and water, but apparently good-looking men can be added to that list.

The men and women of this country are undoubtedly some of the most amazing and ‘good looking ‘ people you would find anywhere else. So we have decided to curate a list of the top 5 most handsome men in Jamaica, it will surprise you to see who made this list. In no particular order we have: 

Jeffrey Campbell – Assassin

Popularly known as Agent Sasco or Assassin is a well known Jamaica dancehall reggae artist. Jeffrey Campbell is a husband, father, and known for his positive music that highlights the challenges and successes of life. He is known to give back to its community by mentoring troubled juveniles as well as other charitable efforts. To top it off, he is a charmer, always well dressed and put together, thus making our list of top 10 most handsome Jamaican men.

Orville Richard Burrell – Shaggy

shaggy burrel jamaica reggae dancehall

You may know him as “shaggy,” but his name is Orville Burrell. One of the most handsome men in Jamaica is also a renowned reggae artiste, taking his name the brand Jamaican all over the world. Jamaican reggae musician, singer, DJ, and actor are only some of the name shaggy holds. He is also a husband and father. Mr. Burrell’s most recent work includes landing a deal with Disney to play Sebastian in the Little Mermaid live performance. His charity work is many, as he is the number one sponsor to the Bustamante Children Hospital. Along with his foundation called Shaggy and Friends.

Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques

Affectionally called Sean Paul is one of the most handsome men in Jamaica. Sean Henriques is a husband and father, as well as a world-known Jamaican Rapper. The Grammy-Award winner has been a feature in several international singles, including “Baby Boy” by Beyoncé, “What About Us” by The Saturdays, “Rockabye” by Clean Bandit, and “Cheap Thrills” by Sia.

Romain Virgo

Virgo is a young artist from Saint Ann, Jamaica who specializes in Lover’s rock. Romain quickly rose to fame after entering a local singing competition in Jamaica. Since that time, Romain has produced positive, uplifting songs that speak of the challenges we face. Today Virgo is a husband, a father, still with a handsome baby-face. It is no question why he made the list of being one of the most handsome in Jamaica.

Andrew Holness – Prime Minister

Andrew is the leader of the Jamaica Labour Party and became the prime minister of Jamaica in 2011. Prime minister Andrew Holness is the ninth and youngest person to serve as prime minister in the history of Jamaica. While Mr. Andrew Holness is known as a husband, father, and busiest man in the country, he is also one of the most handsome men in Jamaica. 

Jamaican men are among some of the best-looking men in the world. Their body built, height, weight, face, and beard are just some features that make them stand out among men. 

Are Jamaicans Black? The results are in.

jamaican woman photo actress

Jamaicans are the most diverse people you will meet anywhere in the world. For those who venture abroad, the question ‘what race are Jamaicans?’ comes up too often. More often the question is specifically, ‘are Jamaicans black?’. The question is sometimes ‘are Jamaicans Latino?’ Probably because of the location of the country in the Caribbean Sea.

We are indeed a diverse country. But what of our racial make up? Looking at the statistics further down will give a better idea of our ancestry.

The original inhabitants of Jamaica were Arawaks, also called Tainos. They came from South America over 2500 years ago and made Jamaica their home. The natives of Costa Rica were also Tainos. How cool is that? Since that time, the country has been home to the British, Chinese, East Asians, Irish, South Asians, Germans, and the Spanish, just a name a few. With those inhabitants came their culture, ethnicity, and way of life.

Races in Jamaica

You will find in Jamaica;

  • People of African descent represents 76.3% of the population (black people)
  • People of Afro-European descent by 15.1%
  • 3.4% East Indian and Afro-East Indian people
  • 3.2% Caucasian people
  • 1.2% Chinese
  • 0.8% of other ethnicities.
Jamaican Davina Bennet, Miss Universe Jamaica. Beauty queen of Jamaicans Black ancestry.

After checking out those statistics, it is fair to say Jamaican’s can’t be labeled by any specific complexion or race. We are however predominantly of black ancestry. Therefore, 9 out of ten Jamaicans are black.

Out of Many, One People

Let me add that Jamaican is not an ethnicity. There is no Jamaican ethnicity, ‘Jamaican’ is our nationality. One thing is for sure anywhere you meet a Jamaican, whether Chinese Jamaican, Caucasian, or East Indians, you will know them by their ‘sassiness’ and dance moves.

If you are lucky, a Jamaican could invite you over for dinner. Our rich ancestry has helped developed our amazing cuisine. The jerked chicken from our African ancestors, our curried goat from the Indian heritage, and our love for rice could be Chinese!

We are a glorious mix of many cultures, and yes, most of us are definitely black!

Cost of living in Jamaica vs the USA

jamaica usa cost of living

Many persons are drawn to Jamaica because of its luxurious beaches, warm weather, and renowned nightlife. But have you ever wondered what the cost to live in Jamaica on a day-to-day basis is versus living in the United States? Being someone who has lived in both countries for an excessive period the comparison is almost non-existent. But don’t take my word for it, let us check the list below:

Please note the numbers stated below may vary depending on the parts of the country one lives, the lifestyle of the person and other factors.

 Average Salary for 40 hour week:  

  • Jamaica $4000Usd/year
  • America $56,516 Usd/year

The salaries in Jamaica are very low in comparison with the average for the USA. This is one of the key reasons why thousands leave the island each year to seek employment in the United States. The average cost of basic needs are also topics to take into consideration. Let us look at our essential living costs concerning the two countries. 

Food factor in Cost of Living Comparison: 

A romantic dinner for two can average $22 US upwards depending on what you choose to purchase, that same meal in the United States would be approximately $52 US upwards. A single person in an American reportedly spends, on average, $200 – $350 Monthly, according to fox news. While in Jamaica, a single person may pay $180 monthly on groceries. 


Utilities factor in Cost of Living Comparison: 

 Water Bill in Jamaica is averaged $30. The average cost of water in the US is, on average, $70.40 per month. 

The average cost for electricity in Jamaica is $90 monthly and in the US $150 on average. Please note the price in the United States is dependent on the season and location. Jamaica has continuous tropical weather, which would affect the cost of electricity. 

Rent And Mortgage:

Rent comparison for the United States and Jamaica is approximately 65.90% higher than in Jamaica. In Jamaica’s most populated cities, one could pay $260 US Dollars for a two-bedroom apartment, that same two-bedroom in Florida could be from $800-$1500 US Dollars, that is almost four times the amount. In places like New York or Boston, the compassion could be a $260 Month in Jamaica and $2000 in Boston or Newyork.

It is also very much possible to build or purchase a house in Jamaica for $7500 – $10,000 US dollars depending on location and design.


Of course, entertainment in Jamaica is top-notch and one of the main reasons thousands of people head to the island each year. Montego-bay, Ocho Rios, and Kingston top the list for your nightclubs, tourist attractions, and live entertainment. Funny enough entertainment tickets and entry is not as expensive as one might think $20-$70 can get you into functions depending on the type of party and the artist that will be present.

In the United States, your price range would be $35-$100 for good live entertainment. Movies tickets are the same cost in both countries, $9.50 per person and $10 in Jamaica and the United States, respectively.


While the cost of transportation is relatively 50% lower, the cost of purchasing a motor vehicle is lower in the United States than it is in Jamaica due to importation cost.

Child Care:

Childcare in Jamaica is 72% lower than the cost of child care in the United States. 


The Facts:

On average, the cost of living in Jamaica is 26.87% lower than living in the united states. Of course, there are several factors to consider when considering these numbers:

The minimum wage in America is $7.25 US, while in Jamaica, you would be paid a minimum of $51 US for an entire week of work. So say you worked 40 standard hours in one job in the US at the weekend you would receive a minimum of $290 in Jamaica that same week off work would merit $51 US minimum. 

The United States of America is a first-world country, while Jamaica is a third world country. This means the purchasing power and living standards are different for the average person.

The United States has more opportunities for work and develops at a faster pace than Jamaica does. Its 24/7 hour economy also allows people to do multiple jobs.

If you plan to move to Jamaica in your working years or retire in Jamaica, I hope these facts can help your decision.

Are Jamaicans Rastafarian? What is Rasta?

rasta man smoking weed jamaica

A common misconception among persons from different parts of the world is that all Jamaicans are Rastafarian. Rastafari, which is also referred to as Rastafarianism, is a religion developed in Jamaica in the 1930s. You will find that Rastafarianism is a minority religion in Jamaica, with less than 1 percent of the 2.7 million persons living in Jamaica are Rastafarians. Allow us to help you clear this up a bit!

rasta flag jamaica rastafarian

Here are the top five reasons why Jamaicans are stereotyped as Rastafarians:

  1. Bob Marley – One of the world’s most well-known musical icons who introduced reggae to the world was Rastafarian. While some think that Bob Marley started the religion, this is not true. Marley’s music, however, helped in spreading awareness of the faith.
  2. A vast majority of Jamaica’s Reggae music speaks of or idolizes Rastafari in some way or is sung by a Rastafarian.
  3. Ganga, a herb highly associated with Jamaican, is used as a part of the Rastafarian services and rituals.
  4. Dreadlocks are one style of hair worn by Rastafarians. However, not everyone with dreadlocks is Rastafarians; in fact, dreadlocks have become a fashion statement in recent times. Most time, however, a “real rasta” is easily identifiable as their deadlocks in most cases are formed naturally and not fashioned.

The final answer is no. Not all Jamaicans are Rastafarian. Jamaica has a diverse mix of religions and ethnicities. Jamaicans are the major exporter of the culture of Rasta and the ways of the Rastafari to the world.

To learn more about the religion of Rastafarianism it you can learn from a practitioner. Like many other religions, practitioners or believers may have a frank discussion with you about what they believe and their way of like.

Remember that Rastari, though in a minority in the world is still a religion that is respected by tthe followers, so be respectful in turn.

As you might hear too often in Jamaica, ” Jah Bless you”, and “Jah Rastafari!”

Biking Trails in Jamaica – Explore Jamaica by Biking

Ready to explore some biking trails in Jamaica? Jamaica is a scenic beauty with mountainous ranges and paradise beaches. No wonder there are also some scenic biking trails in Jamaica for beginners to expert enthusiasts. Want insights into great Jamaican biking trails? Keep reading for more.

The top areas for biking in Jamaican produce a diverse range of trails. Some trails are best done in groups while others you can tackle on your own. Check out our most popular biking ranges below.

The Blue Mountain Biking Trails

The Blue Mountain is a scenic mountain offering hiking, camping, climbing, and biking activities for tourists and locals alike.

Some biking trails on the blue mountain include;

  • Blue Mountain Peak Biking Trail
  • Triple Bypass Biking Trail
  • Scotchies Biking Trail
  • Farm Trail Biking Trail
  • Woodford Biking Trail
  • Happy Gate Biking Trail

Robin’s Bay Biking Trails (Pimento Hill)

Robins Bay is a rural beach getaway in Saint Mary, with trails that are very beginner-friendly. About 40 minutes from the town of Ocho Rios, you have a great view or the sea as you bike your way along the trails.

Some biking trails in Robin’s Bay are:

  • John Crow Gully Biking Trail
  • Pressure Drop Biking Trail
  • Kill Hill Biking Trail

Oracabessa Biking Trails

Oracabessa is a quaint little town about 20 minutes away from Ocho Rios. This means it is possible to take a visit on a day stop for your cruise, check out the famous James Bond Beach, or just get straight to riding.

Some of the biking trails in Oracabessa are:

  • Trench Town
  • Murray Mint
  • Irie Fm
  • Melt Down

The best way to explore would be with a local. There are many other off-the-beaten-path tracks to enjoy. Jamaica is a natural beauty with paths along the sea, in the mountains, or across farmlands. The choice of the perfect Jamaican bike trail is up to you and how adventurous you feel today.

Why Do Jamaicans Run so Fast?

usian bolt jamaica

Is it a bird? A plane? A jet? No, it’s a Jamaican athlete.  Why do Jamaicans run so fast?

Whether male, female, whatever age group they are, and how they grew up. Jamaicans are well known as some of the fastest runners in the world. Breaking world records and bringing home some of the most significant rewards in the athletic arena. Jamaica is home to only 2.8 million people, yet the little island is home to both the fastest man and the fastest woman in the world. One may wonder, however, how do Jamaicans run so fast?

Theories – why Jamaicans run fast

We have heard so many theories, and so many of them make sense and could serve as a possible answer. So far, a favorite is the identification of a “speed gene” found in persons who are from West Africa (where our ancestors come from). One study stated that “a larger than average heart facilitates a faster flow of oxygen to the muscles.” This faster flow of oxygen then causes the person to move faster. This theory holds its credit has there has been evidence of exceptional sprinters dating back to the 1950s. But of course, many say this theory is just that; a theory.

Professor Morrison, President of the University of Technology, told the Jamaica Observer that two staples crops found in Jamaica were to be credited for the Jamaican athletes’ success. These are the Jamaican Yam and Green Bananas. Professor Morrison, who has studied the speed of the sprinter, does think the Jamaican food that most Jamaican children are grown on is to be credited for the athletes’ success.

Homegrown sprint stars at ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Champions

Some persons also think that the success of our Jamaican athletes should be accredited to the efforts of school and our institutes have placed in fostering young people towards sports. One such event is the ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Champions. A competition that schools and students that are aspiring to become athletes look forward to every year to make their names known in the Jamaican athletics arena. Training for Champs from high school days gives the Jamaican athletes a chance to train and get used to the art of the sport before even becoming an athlete. This holds on its own, as both the fastest man and the fastest woman in the world participate in the ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Champions.

usain blake and jamaican runners

One thing from the first view Jamaican’ athletes are fast sprinters due to several factors and no one thing. Their discipline, passion, talent, and all the hard work that our athletes put in when the cameras are off, and no one is looking. What they consume is also one of those factors—the right healthy food consumed from childhood that dispenses just the proper nutrients that they need to succeed.

The answer to our question may be complicated and not quickly answered, Whatever the reason for the exceptional speed of our Jamaican athletes. Be it the ‘speed gene’ that makes our athletes so fast or children being active and running from a young age—our investment in sporting activities from the high school stage or our fresh air and healthy food. One thing is for sure Jamaica does have some of the fastest runners in the world, a trend we do not see being broken anytime soon.

Jamaicans have found the cure – Jamaican Tea Cures Everything

mint tea jamaican team remedy

Bellyache, diabetes, constipation, headache, stomachache, uterine cramps, you name it, there is a Jamaican tea to fix it. Jamaicans have found the cure, and it’s served hot, better yet, without sugar. Jamaican tea cures everything. Think about that the next time you reach for an over the counter(OTC) paracetamol.

There are a few teas Jamaicans swear by more than everything else. Let’s jump in and see if this Jamaican tea can cure your ailment.


Cerasee fruit and leaves. Leaves and stem used to make tea in Jamaica.

The tea of cerasee leaves is said to help with weight loss as it helps with reducing and suppressing lipids (fats). So maybe it could help with that summer body.

Cerasee is also said to stimulate hypoglycemic activity and help patients suffering from diabetes. Maybe this is because of its bitter taste. The studies have not been conclusive.

Its other properties include the ability to purify the blood, helping the skin in the process. It also supposedly can help in detoxing the entire body, including the liver. It could come in handy by helping you pass a urine drug test on a short notice.


peppermint for making herbal teas in Jamaica
Peppermint leaves to make tea in Jamaica

There are many benefits of peppermint tea, along with its fresh aroma. Peppermint tea forms part of Jamaicans’ long tradition to make teas from fresh leaves to accompany morning breakfast. Peppermint tea is also drunk at other times of the day as a remedy for other ailments.

The tea of the Peppermint is known to ease bloating, indigestion, and many other gastric symptoms. This may be why many people have a cup of peppermint tea after overeating.

Grab some peppermint as it can also freshen your breath, as in those peppermints flavored chewing gums. As peppermint helps with clogged sinuses, this may go a long way overall in helping your breath smell great.

Peppermint team may also help with migraines, tension headaches and anxiety.

Guava Leaf

guava leaves tea jamaica herbal remedy
Guava leaves are used for tea in Jamaica.

The benefits of guava leaf tea are many, according to grandma and people who have used it. Guava leaves can be used to make a tea that helps with diarrhea. Taking the tea over time is said to reduce the symptoms drastically.

Guava leaves tea is also said to help with diabetes, by helping to prevent spikes in blood sugar.

Guava leaves extract is said to reduce menstrual cramps, and the same is said of the team. So if you are a woman having bad cramps, you could try some tea from the guava leaves.

Discover new places in your town at weekend

seven mile beach jamaica best beaches

Staycations are the best way to get to know the warmth and beauty of your own island.

Local Stays at Guesthouse and Inns

Get out and let someone else do the cleaning. A local getaway is a glorious way to break from the monotony and to clear your mind from the things you want to get done at home. Jamaica has thousands of spots to find room and board for your entire family.

Search for Guesthouses and Inns, or check out your favorite shared housing app such as Airbnb. Staying local increases the chance of meeting fellow like-minded locals, while providing a more distraction-free stay.

Go at your own pace and budget by choosing exactly the amenities you need, whether with food included or without. If you have a car or do not mind local transportation, you have time to check out hidden gems, local eateries aka ‘cook-shops’, and stop at the local jelly man.


There are thousands of beaches not in any top-ten lists for Jamaica.  Jamaica is literally an island, meaning the ocean surrounds it.  At many points around the border, there are hidden coves – many only known to locals. This means white sand, lots of space to spread out, and no time-limit.

Ask around for where these spots are or use a map to check out roads that may lead to the beach.


Everyone loves a good meal! Yum. A great way to have fun is to share a good meal with friends. Experience a cuisine you haven’t tried, or your favorite in a new way. A good way to get recommendations is to ask around. Poll your friends, ask on social media, or do a quick Google search.

If you are in a new area, a quick search using your map app is a great way to find what’s local and nearby. Using location tracking you can choose the best for buck and location. You can view ratings, see comments, and make your choice based on the suggestion of many others.


If you like to have stories after every trip, then a backyard adventure is right for you. Zip lining, bungee jumping, river-tubing – all great adventures that require just a couple of hours.

Jamaica ais a top tourist destination, which means there are activities at every corner. Try bike riding on our many trails if you want, go tour Mystic Mountains, or have a swim with the dolphins at Dolphin’s Cove.


Kingston is the party capital of Jamaica. Don’t sleep on Ocho Rios or Montego Bay though. Almost everywhere in Jamaica you go, there will be an area knows for its nightlife. If you want to hang out a bit with the locals, or dance the night away, ask the locals where to go.

Have a drink at the local bar. Go shake a leg at the local club. Hang out at the local karaoke, maybe win a prize of two.

Have fun exploring Jamaica on your next weekend!