How‌ ‌to‌ ‌send‌ ‌barrels‌ ‌to‌ ‌Jamaica‌ ‌from‌ ‌the‌ ‌USA‌

send barrels to jamaica

Every year we send thousands of barrels from the United States to Jamaica. Both businesses and households use this method to get their supplies across international waters.

Sending a barrel to Jamaica from the United States is not as hard as you may think. Here we list the steps you may take to get a barrel to Jamaica from the United States. 

Step 1. 

Be sure your barrel is well packed. Keep common items together and putting canned items at the bottom of your barrel. Wrap your bottles in plastic wrap or traps to avoid spills or damage to other goods. Soap and other strong smells can penetrate thin bags such as flour and rice bags, and should be sent in a different container if possible. Now your barrel is ready to be sent.

Step 2.

Call a shipping company. Usually, a google search for ‘shipping companies near me’ will show you a list of companies that ship barrels and containers to other countries, including Jamaica. Be sure to check their reviews and shop around for better rates if you have more than one option. Arrange and time and date for the shipping company to come and collect your barrel for your house. Some companies will have you deliver the barrel to send to Jamaica at their location, or come with your items and pack the barrel at their location.

send package to jamaica

Step 3. 

After your barrel is collected, be sure to have the relevant documents you may need to give to the barrel’s recipient. You may need the name of the shipping company in the US, the name of the collecting agency in Jamaica, You will also need the bill of Lading and the airway bill to clear your goods through customs. 

Step 4.

Now that your goods have arrived in Jamaica, it is time to collect them at the pier if the barrel was not directly sent to your home. You will need to visit the company that your barrel was sent to and get the necessary documents to take to the wharf to get your barrel. Please note that more than one fee may be associated with this effort depending on the company you ship with and the value of items that are in the barrel.


Step 5.

The recipient of the barrel should have a valid Government Issue Identification card, a tax registration number, and the documents given by the shipping company. Take them to the customs officer and wait to be identified. After being identified, be prepared to open your barrel so the customs officer can assess the items.

 If contraband or items that will need to pay additional duty are found, you may need to have further inspection done.

Step 6.

After your items have been checked, you will pay the amount specified by the officer that assessed your goods. After returning that receipt, you will collect your barrel and be on your way. 

Total Costs as of November 22 is JMD $13000 for one barrel. This is inclusive of all fees both for your shipping company and all Jamaica customs fees.

It is important to note that you can have someone collect your barrel for you or have your barrel sent directly to your home. Whichever option you may use, ensure your paperwork is in place, and you should be ready. 


Choose Your Favorite Jamaican City

ocho rios city jamaica

Jamaica is a popular island in the Caribbean sea, approximately 10,990 kilometers square. The population of this island is about 2.935 Million, according to research in 2018. We know the island for its warm climate, exotic beaches, and vibrant culture; Jamaica attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists and travelers each year.

While so we can say much about this pearl in the Caribbean, and its fun beaches, there is much more. For those who want to make Jamaica their home, let’s look at your options for Jamaican city life.


Kingston is the capital of the island of Jamaica and also the largest parish with a population of over 1.2 million persons. This city is by far the busiest city as it is home to the government buildings, top universities, business hubs, and one of the major airports on the island (Kingston-Norman Manley Airport). Kingston divided into an uptown and downtown section, though informally, with the cheaper areas of commerce located in downtown Kingston.

Being the key city, crime is also a concern in the more urban sections, more than other parts of Jamaica. It is the central marketplace for the eastern parishes on the island for stocking up on supplies. If you are ever in Kingston, be sure to see the famous Bob Marley Museum, take a tour of Port Royal, or go hiking up the Blue Mountain. If you have time, stay over and enjoy the nightlife.

Montego Bay

Rose Hall Great house Montego Bay City Jamaica

On Jamaica’s north coast, there is Montego Bay in the parish of St. James. Montego Bay is a favorite among tourist destinations in all the Caribbean. With hotels and resorts like Sandals resort, Doctors Cave Beach Resort, RIU Hotels, and many more. Find Montego Bay always packed with tourists as there are many activities and entertainment that tourists travel from all over the world to see. This city is home to one of the two airports (Sangster International Airport) in Jamaica and only a short distance to another famous tourist location, Ocho Rios. Montego Bay is the central hub for its neighbor parishes as it has one of the two major markets in Jamaica, with Kingston having the other.

Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios, which was once a popular fishing village, is now one of the major cities in Jamaica. Tourists and locals love Ocho Rios because of the nightlife, attractions like Dunn River Falls and the beautiful resorts and coastlines. Find your delicious jerk and Spicy meat driving along the road in Ocho Rios and relax in tranquility on a beach or a hotel room. In Ochi, as the locals call this city, you can not run out of things to do. Around every corner, there is a different tour or attraction or a hotel you have not yet stayed in. Be sure to check out Ocho Rios if you are ever in Jamaica.

There is something for everybody in Jamaica. The deciding factor is which one of its beaches you want to be on and what activities you would want to take part in. Whichever city you visit, ensure that you enjoy Jamaica, see its culture, and don’t forget to breed some fresh air.

Jamaican musicians/artists (deceased)

gregory isaacs jamaica reggae

Mento, Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Folk Music, Dub Music, Dancehall, and Reggae Fusion are just some of the music types you can find in Jamaica. These music types have given birth to some of the most excellent Jamaican musicians and artists, who are known worldwide, some of whom are no longer with us. Here we discuss some musical legends and their contribution to Jamaican music while they were alive.

Bob Marley: (February 1945-May 1981)

By far, one of the most well known and beloved musicians and artists to come from Jamaica. Marley was instrumental in introducing reggae music to the masses and encouraging and uniting persons through his positive music. If Marley were still alive, he would be the third richest man in Jamaican with a net worth of over US 1.3 million. Bob Marley has won several awards; Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, Peace Medal of the Third World, and The Order of Merit. Marley’s most popular songs were ‘One Love One Heart’, ‘Could you be loved’, ‘Iron Lion Zion’, ‘No woman No Cry’, and ‘Sun is Shining’.

Gregory Issacs: (July 1951–October 2010)

Issacs nicknamed ‘the cool ruler’ is known for his smooth, calm, emotion-stirring songs. Gregory Issacs had been nominated for the Grammy’s five times, four times for the best reggae album, and once for Best Ethnic or Traditional Folk Recording. Gregory Isaacs’ best performing album is called ‘Night Nurse.’ And his songs are still widely played across Jamaica.

Dennis Brown: (February 1957 – July 1999)

Another amazing talent is Dennis Brown. Crowned by Bob Marley as ‘The Crown Prince of Reggae, ‘ Brown started his musical career at the tender age of eleven. Brown was a hit in Jamaica as well as the UK with songs like ‘Money in my Pocket’ and ‘Westbound Train.’ While being nominated three times, it is a shocker to many that Dennis Brown never won a grammy award. And only one of Brown’s songs made the billboard holding the 42nd position for ten weeks. Dennis Brown is renowned as one of the Jamaican legends in the lover’s rock and reggae arena.

Garnett Silk: (April 1966 – December 1994)

Named at birth Garnett Damion Smith, died at only 28 years old, Garnett Silk was a talented singer and songwriter who prided himself on singing his original lyrics. Songs such as ‘Problem Everywhere,’ ‘no disrespect,’ and ‘it’s growing’ still demands screams and raves whenever played in the dancehall and on the radio.

Millie Small: (October 1947 – May 2020)

Singer of the global and world-known ‘My Boy Lollipop,’ Millie Small was a little lady with a big voice—known to be a sweet, funny, talented singer who traveled the world performing on television shows and concerts. The tune of this hit song introduced ska to the international stage. It showed the world that Jamaica is not only talented with reggae and dancehall but also ska. Her debuts ‘Sugar Plum’ and ‘We’ll Meet’ caught the attention of international eyes, thus moving to London, England, in 1963. For her contribution to reggae music, Ms. Smalls received the Order Of Distinction In The Rank Of Commander from the Jamaica Government in 2011.

Jamaica – The best cruise destination

Jamaica cruise ship pier ocho rios

To date, there are five cruise docks in Jamaica. They are in Falmouth, Ocho Rios, Port Royal, Montego Bay, and Port Antonio. These shipping docks strategically placed throughout the island offer tourists the best experience within meters of them arriving on the island. Jamaican music can specialize art vendors on the docks to guided tours and activities to where every guest may see fit. We know Jamaicans to excel in the entertainment of tourists. Now, let us talk about each port and what you can expect upon arrival. 

Ocho Rios Port

Ocho Rios is as calm and beautiful as its name suggests. We regard the Ocho Rios Cruise Port as the top cruise destination in Jamaica. One favorite among tourists, Ocho Rios, offers the best of what visitors will look for within walking distance from the port. A memorable year for cruises in Ocho Rios was in 2009 when over 200 cruise ships visited and docked in the Ocho Rios Port with over 870,000 passengers and crew members.

Visit Mystic Mountain and zip line through nature. Climb the Dunn’s River Falls, see the dolphins at Dolphin Cove and enjoy some coconut water while driving through fern gully. These are experiences you do not want to miss and will remember forever. You can also try horseback riding, visit the Bob Marley Experience, and discover the Green Grotto Caves. For sure, you will not run out of things to do in Ocho Rios. 

Port Antonio Port

Dock into the Errol Flynn Marina and be greeted by waving children standing on the pier. Enjoy the peaceful and serene beauty of Port Antonio almost immediately after leaving the ship. Visit the French man’s Cove resort, and enjoy the beautiful beach, pay a visit to the trident Castle, go rafting down the Rio Grande, or pay a visit to Maroon Town. Enjoy the streams in the countryside or the sound of the river flowing in the hills. Nature lovers will almost definitely come back to Port Antonio for an extended stay as there is so much to do and experience.   

Falmouth Port

Falmouth Cruise Ship Pier Jamaica

The Falmouth Port opened in 2011; Its beautiful historical building stands proud in the beautiful capital of Trelawny. Falmouth offers a wide range of activities that is fun for the entire family. Enjoy the Falmouth Swamp Safari animal park, take a tour of the great houses, go rafting on Martha Brae River, Tour the Hampden Rum Estate, stop at the local store along the pier, and do not forget to visit the local beaches in Falmouth. 

Montego Bay Port

Home to the second-largest port in Jamaica. Montego Bay is known for its upbeat nightlife and desired activities. With excursions and activities like All-Terrain Buggy Adventure, vast golf courses, Catamaran Sail and Snorkel not to mention Secrets Adult All-Inclusive Beach Adventure; you can be sure that there is something for everyone. Take time to mingle with the locals in one of Jamaica’s famous nightclubs. You can also check out Chukka Kayak and Zipline, Horseback Ride, and then you would see why Montego-bay is a favorite cruise destination when compared to other Caribbean countries.

Port Royal Port

In 2018 the Port Royal Port was re-established with the aid of a floating-pier walk called Seawalk. Port Royal is an attraction within itself as in 1692; Port Royal was the main trading port for pirates and travelers until, in that same year, an earthquake sank the entire area. While the city has been through many transformations, it is today known as a historical landmark and home to the newest cruise port on the island just a short distance away from Kingston. There is an endless amount of activities between Port Royal and Kingston. Most persons would agree that if you want to view an authentic Jamaican life, you may want to spend some time in Kingston, Jamaica.

They are fusing cultural heritage, history, and the uniqueness of the island. Cruising here offers an exclusive look into the life of the everyday Jamaican. Please take an in-depth tour of Port Royal, discover its history, take pictures inside its sunken buildings, and see what it has come to be. Visit the Bob Marley museum and get a chance to see the single bed he sings so passionately about. Hike the blue mountains or visit the famous Devon’s house for Ice-cream. Visitors especially love the variety of artwork and paintings available for purchase; these will make incredible memorabilia they can remember and talk about for a long time to come. 

Things to keep in mind when traveling on a cruise to Jamaica:

  • Local taxis and transportation are available near the ports for approximately $4 US depending on the distance. 
  • Arrangements can be made for local tour guides, licensed with the Ministry of Tourism on the island, to ensure you get the best from your Jamaican experience or if you feel unsafe.
  • You can always check out your local cruise operator. Hotel receptionist or even Airbnb Experience for the area to ensure you have the best time you can. 
  • Remember your sunscreen and shades if you need them, travel with water, and enjoy your time in Jamaica.

Memory Lane – Top Jamaican child games

jamaican child playing toy truck

Growing up Jamaican is a real blessing! The fun we had and all the games we played as a child. Everyone and their cousins would be in the streets playing, or at each other’s homes. Jamaica offers freedom and experiences not common to other cultures. Children who grew up in Jamaica had the privilege of running between the trees, splashing in the river, and playing games unique to our country. 

Here we describe some of these Jamaican games that will put a smile on the faces of persons who had the chance to grow up in Jamaica.

Ring Games 

A favorite after school game is what we call ring games in Jamaica. Ring games involve several children in a circle, often holding hands. They would sing songs and adhere to the instructions of the song. Some examples of these songs are:

  • ‘There’s a brown girl in the ring.’ When children would take turns going into a circle doing actions for everyone to follow, they would repeat this process until everyone has gotten a turn.
  • Another example of ring games played in Jamaica is ‘bull in a pen,’ with a selected person in the middle, children would use their hand to form a pen, and it would be the job of the bull (person inside the ring) to try and get outside the ring. 

Chinese Skip

A girl learns to jump rope Jamaica Children Games

Chinese Skip involves making a circular chain from rubber bands. With two persons at each base, one or two persons jump inside in a particular formation without falling or breaking the band.

Rundown and Catch

This game is a lot like ‘tag’, with some minor changes. Rundown and catch usually played in a big open space, allowing children to hide behind trees, behind cars, under the bed, pretty much everywhere. The chosen catcher then hunted each person until everyone was found. 


Imagine children in the ball fields, setting up wickets and bases for a good game of cricket. Cricket is a favorite pastime, especially for communities with a lot of children: Bats, balls, good runners, and bowlers. That’s all you would need to get a game going. Adults would be seen observing games as the children; rave with excitement running up and down the field.


Hopscotch is another game played among Jamaican children. Children would use chalk to write numbers on the road pavement or concrete. One person would need to hop on the numbers on one leg or both depending on how the boxes are set up. At each time, they would be required to skip a block until someone falls or loses. 

 Simon Says

A game where actions are carried out based on hearing the statement ‘Simon Says’. If you act without hearing the phrase, you are automatically out of the game. This game is best placed with a lot of people and is seen as an obedience drill. 

Dandy Shandy

By far, a favorite among Jamaican children. Stuffing dried leaf trash in a juice box and using this box as a ball. Two persons are the throwings trying to hit the persons in the space between them. Players make every effort not to be caught. Dandy shandy is best played in a wide-open space where persons have the opportunity to run.

One, Two, Three, Red Light

With one person’s back turned to the other players, this player serves as a stop sign who counts to three and turns around on the red-colored light. Other players must try to get as close to the stop sign as possible before the stop sign turns around and catches them moving. If you are caught moving, you are out. 

Do you remember any of these games or see any games you would like to try? You should try it! As you imagine growing up as a child in Jamaica.

Jamaican Beaches – Top 5 – June 2020

jamaican beaches negril

Every year millions of tourists flock to Jamaican Beaches. It is true. Jamaica is home to some of the best beaches and the world. With over 900 kilometers of coastline, Jamaican beaches are the best place for weddings, morning cruises, snorkeling, and other recreational water sports.

Making this list was hard, as the list of amazing beaches is a mile long! Come as we explore the sandy beaches in the tropical Caribbean breeze, here is our list of must-visit Jamaican beaches.

Seven Mile Beach

Negril Beach, one of the most famous beaches in all of the Caribbean, is called the Negril or Seven-mile Beach. Kayaking, snorkeling, boat sailing, water surfing; any activity you have an interest in, you will find on Negril beach. Don’t have equipment? Don’t worry more than often you will find equipment rentals within walking distance from the beach. One disadvantage is that the beach tends to be crowded, for persons who require a not so crowded beach check out number two.

Frenchman’s Cove Beach

Frenchman’s Cove Beach is located approximately two hours from Kingston and Montego Bay in the beautiful quiet Parish of Portland. A favorite spot to host weddings, exclusive parties, and relax. This Lagoon-style beach is secluded and known to be where the holly-wood stars hang out whenever they are on the island—located close to the Famous Geejam hotel, the Trident hotel, and The Jamaica Palace hotel. Frenchman’s Cove may be just what you are looking for to get some peace and serenity.

Doctor’s Cove Beach

Doctor’s Cove Beach. A beautiful 80-degree beach found the second city, Montego-bay Jamaica. The sound of the waves will be all you hear as no vending or music is allowed on this beach. Book your tours and water activities or relax in the beautiful golden sun. The Doctor’s Cove Beach is a must-visit if you are ever in Jamaica.

Hellshire Beach 

Hellshire Beach. A favorite among tourists and locals is the Hellshire Beach, in the capital city of Kingston, Jamaica. We know this beach for its crystal blue waters and its backdrop of the blue mountains. While not all beach areas are white-sanded, this beach is an excellent place to relax and have some beer on the beautiful Hellshire Beach.

Ocho Rios Bay Beach

Number five is the Ocho Rios Bay Beach. As the name suggests, this beach is located in beautiful Ocho Rios, a favorite place for tourists and travelers. The Ocho Rios Bay Beach is accessible to the cruise ship visitors and offers many shallow areas suitable for children to play with ease. Be sure to check out this beach if you are ever in Ocho Rios and be sure to take a sea shell for your keepsake.

Of course there are many more..

Boston Beach, Mammee Bay Beach, Rose Hall beach, there are so many more great beaches. If we named all the fascinating beaches in Jamaica, we would be here all day.

Be sure that whichever beach you find yourself on in Jamaica, you enjoy it to the fullest and take lots of pictures. Cheers.

Famous Jamaican Bloggers

There are many famous Jamaican bloggers spreading the story of our culture and country to readers and viewers globally. Jamaicans have become more aware of the intrigues of working online and on online platforms and making money from it. As far back as 2009, we see persons creating an online presence for themselves by creating websites, online recipe sites, gaming sites, and blogs.

A blog is a unique way to share your insights on lifestyle, fashion, the working world, and anything you may have a passion for. Here we have curated a list of some famous Jamaican Bloggers. 

Yendi Phillips

Yendi Phillips is a travel blogger and entrepreneur in Jamaica.  This former Miss Jamaica and Miss Universe first runner-up as traveled the world to places like Isreal, Italy, Cuba, Egypt, Spain, just to name a few and have recorded it all on her blog called Odyssey By Yendi.

Lorane Rhoden

Lorane Rhoden has been a fashion and lifestyle blogger for as far back as 2010.  The blogger started ‘Haute People’ to showcase her love for writing and fashion. In 2017 and 2018, Haute People was nominated for the South Florida Bloggers Award. They have invited this Jamaican blogger to attend New York Fashion Week as the Fashion Mingle’s Caribbean presentative.

Jhunelle Jureidini

The inspiration behind the ‘Simply Local Life‘ blog is Jhunelle Jureidini. Simple Local Life, offers an insight on life in Jamaica. As Jhunelle travels the island showcasing and writing about her love for and the uniqueness of Jamaica. 

Kerona Ledgister

Kerona is a Blogger, Youtuber, and beauty and lifestyle blogger behind the Ms. Sparkle and Glow blog. Being no stranger to the blogging world, Ms. Sparkle and Glow is only one of the blogs Kerona has started. 

While we know that there are other successful and famous Jamaican bloggers, we cannot mention them all in one article. We, however, continue to encourage and motivate our young people to take advantage of the resources around them, which includes the internet in pursuit of their passions and dreams. 

Jamaican Musicians – 2020 Top List

Koffee Jamaican Musician 2020

Jamaican musicians are our lifeblood. What can we say; Jamaica is music, and music ‘is’ Jamaica. Music is the heart and soul of the island and a glue that holds persons together no matter their ethnicity, culture, or background.

In Jamaica, you will hear music on every corner shop, playing every weekend morning, and serves as the foundation of the infamous Jamaican nightlife. Since music is such an essential part of the Jamaican culture, it only makes sense that Jamaica is the home to some of the best musicians and artiste in the world. Since all the talented musicians from Jamaica can’t possibly fit into this list, let’s discuss the top 5 Jamaican musicians and artistes still rocking the world today.


Okay, we had to put Koffee at the top of the list: a 19-year-old sensation taking billboards, grammies, and the world by charge. Koffee won the 2020 grammy with her album “Rapture’ which only comprises five songs. Koffee, born Mikayla Simpson, is the youngest artist to head the Billboard reggae charts. She also held top ranking on iTunes Reggae Chart, a position the infamous Bob Marley held many times. Koffee writes, sings, deejays, and plays the guitar. And no questions asked the world will hear about Koffee for a very long time.


shaggy burrel jamaica reggae dancehall

Born Orville Richard Burrell, shaggy is no stranger to the Grammy scene. Shaggy has been nominated for 7 Grammy awards and has won 2 grammies. One grammy was for Best Reggae Album in 1995 and 2018 for his albums Boombastic and 44/876, respectively. Burrell has held 2 number 1 hits on the billboard and 3 Top 10 Hits. Mr. Orville Burrell recently made his debut on the big stage as he played Sebastian in the ABC’s production of the little mermaid live. Shaggy proved what a brilliant musician he is even when he has to dress as a crab.

Sean Paul:

sean paul jamaica artiste handsome

Born Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques, also made our list as one of the top five musicians in Jamaica. His singles ‘temperature’ and ‘get busy’ has topped the United States charts several times. He has 15 Songs that frequent the billboard charts 3 number one hits and 9 top 10 hits. Sean Paul has been nominated for 8 grammies with one Best Reggae Album win for his ‘Dutty Rock’ album. Sean Paul collaborated with artists like Beyonce, The Saturdays, and Sia, among other incredible artists.

Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley:

Son of the famous reggae artist Bob Marley, Jr. Gong has been nominated for five grammies and has won four awards. In 2002 he won the award for Best Reggae Album for ‘Halfway Tree.’
In 2006, he won Best Urban/Alternative Performance and Best Reggae Album for ‘Welcome to Jamrock,’ and in 2018, he won Best Reggae Album for ‘Stony Hill.’ Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley songs center on bringing awareness of issues faced by his community and Jamaica at large, serving as a motivator for many.

Buju Banton:

As early as 1987, Buju Banton, born Mark Anthony Myrie, has been dropping the number one singles. Buju Banton is one of the most significant persons in reggae music. Banton won his first Grammy in 2011 after being nominated three times with his ‘Before the Dawn’ album. While Banton served ten years in the US custody, his release has made him more famous and popular on the international arenas. Banton found his bearings in 1992 with two albums, Stamina Daddy and Mr. Mention. Mr. Mention album was the best-selling album in Jamaican history almost immediately after release.

While there are several accomplishments, not mention for these artists, to mention them all would take all day. One thing is for sure, these top five Jamaican artistes as made their industry proud. We look forward to what they will produce.