Fashion Braces in Jamaica

fashion braces Jamaica

Jamaicans are all for fashion over style. Maybe even fashion over health if you take into account the new trends of fashion braces in Jamaica.

Braces are normally used to fix cosmetic issues with teeth. This can range for complex issues such as overbite and teeth displacement. To less complex issues such as closing a gap that you no longer like.

Braces in Jamaica are usually put in by licensed orthodontist practicing in a clinical setting. This ensures a sterile environment and accountability if anything goes wrong. Braces can be fashionable, but the need should be considered before the style.

Backyard Braces

Now, everyone and their sister are offering braces services online. A practice that has caught the attention of the Jamaica Dental Association. Cosmetic Braces, fashion braces, backyard braces, or whatever your friend of a friend may call it seems to be a hazard to the health of people who use these braces. The initial cost for fashion braces in Jamaica may seem to make sense, however, the long term effects on your teeth and health.

fashion braces in jamaica cost

Reasons to Say No to Fashion Braces

  1. Fashion braces can destroy teeth alignment as they are not done with the requisite x-rays and measurements to ensure the treatment is right for the person.
  2. Fashion braces can cause tooth decay and loss. Real braces need to be cleaned regularly and places in a manner that doesn’t damage other teeth. This isn’t taken into account by these backyard Jamaican fashion braces consultants.
  3. Cosmetic braces may cause allergic reactions in untrained settings. For dental treatment patients often give a full medical history to determine allergies. Also, dental offices are equipped with first aid equipment. Do not risk going into allergic shock in someone’s living room.
  4. This leads to gum and jawbone problems as the quick fix may not be the actual solution to the structural problem the patient may have.
  5. Metal bracket bits in cosmetic braces can be a choking hazard or be made from unsafe materials. So even if the cost of cosmetic braces in Jamaica may seem cheap, it can cost in the long term.


The Decision to Use Fashion Braces

The decision of whether or not to use fashion braces is ultimately up to you. Fashion braces seem cool as you can choose colors to your liking and as often as you wish. Regular braces, for fixing problems with your teeth and jawline are prescribed by a licensed doctor and the cost in Jamaica can be high. Fashion braces are cheaper, could potentially fix small issues like a gap in your teeth but there is no recourse if something goes wrong.

Make your decision wisely.

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