Nail polish colors, do they affect your mood?

Pink, red, black, white and green. Is it possible that the nail polish you wear can affect your mood? What color nail polish is your favorite? Is it pink and are you a naturally cheery person? If it’s black, do you dislike crowds and rather stay alone?

So, can nail polish affect your mood? The short answer is no. However, the color you choose for your little digits can say a lot about your personality.


The queen among them. A purple nail polish preference means you have a regal air about you. Sporting purple nail-polish adds a touch of class. This comes from the fact that purple is associated with royalty. They associate purple with power, dominance, luxury, and prestige. So wave those sophisticated fingers around for all to see!


White nail polish is for the young, hip, minimalist crowd. We often associate white with virtue – cue white wedding dress. White nail polish is definitely not for the faint of heart. Imagine prepping some authentic Jamaican curried goat or some Jamaican coconut curried shrimp with white fingernail polish? Bring on the gloves, please!


Black nail polish can also signify someone who loves a minimalistic approach to life. This person is secretly a power lover though. This person is very calculated in their approach to life, love and money. A person sporting black nail polish knows what’s up, but they won’t tell you. A point of comfort is that they don’t mind throwing it down in the kitchen or don’t mind physical activities they know they can win at.

Black nail polish on Jamaican Woman


Pink is a girly-girl’s color. People loving pink as their nail polish go-to color tends to be sassy and feminine. These persons are often in love with love and enjoy a quiet time at home watching movies. A darker pink often means this person has a mature personality, often because of their caring nature. Although they are caring, their tempers are often easy to ignite, so be warned.

They are guaranteed to be fun to hang around. So grab your favorite pink nailed friends and head out for a fun dinner, and a dance, if you are lucky.

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