Jamaicans have found the cure – Jamaican Tea Cures Everything

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Bellyache, diabetes, constipation, headache, stomachache, uterine cramps, you name it, there is a Jamaican tea to fix it. Jamaicans have found the cure, and it’s served hot, better yet, without sugar. Jamaican tea cures everything. Think about that the next time you reach for an over the counter(OTC) paracetamol.

There are a few teas Jamaicans swear by more than everything else. Let’s jump in and see if this Jamaican tea can cure your ailment.


Cerasee fruit and leaves. Leaves and stem used to make tea in Jamaica.

The tea of cerasee leaves is said to help with weight loss as it helps with reducing and suppressing lipids (fats). So maybe it could help with that summer body.

Cerasee is also said to stimulate hypoglycemic activity and help patients suffering from diabetes. Maybe this is because of its bitter taste. The studies have not been conclusive.

Its other properties include the ability to purify the blood, helping the skin in the process. It also supposedly can help in detoxing the entire body, including the liver. It could come in handy by helping you pass a urine drug test on a short notice.


peppermint for making herbal teas in Jamaica
Peppermint leaves to make tea in Jamaica

There are many benefits of peppermint tea, along with its fresh aroma. Peppermint tea forms part of Jamaicans’ long tradition to make teas from fresh leaves to accompany morning breakfast. Peppermint tea is also drunk at other times of the day as a remedy for other ailments.

The tea of the Peppermint is known to ease bloating, indigestion, and many other gastric symptoms. This may be why many people have a cup of peppermint tea after overeating.

Grab some peppermint as it can also freshen your breath, as in those peppermints flavored chewing gums. As peppermint helps with clogged sinuses, this may go a long way overall in helping your breath smell great.

Peppermint team may also help with migraines, tension headaches and anxiety.

Guava Leaf

guava leaves tea jamaica herbal remedy
Guava leaves are used for tea in Jamaica.

The benefits of guava leaf tea are many, according to grandma and people who have used it. Guava leaves can be used to make a tea that helps with diarrhea. Taking the tea over time is said to reduce the symptoms drastically.

Guava leaves tea is also said to help with diabetes, by helping to prevent spikes in blood sugar.

Guava leaves extract is said to reduce menstrual cramps, and the same is said of the team. So if you are a woman having bad cramps, you could try some tea from the guava leaves.

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