Famous Jamaican Bloggers

There are many famous Jamaican bloggers spreading the story of our culture and country to readers and viewers globally. Jamaicans have become more aware of the intrigues of working online and on online platforms and making money from it. As far back as 2009, we see persons creating an online presence for themselves by creating websites, online recipe sites, gaming sites, and blogs.

A blog is a unique way to share your insights on lifestyle, fashion, the working world, and anything you may have a passion for. Here we have curated a list of some famous Jamaican Bloggers. 

Yendi Phillips

Yendi Phillips is a travel blogger and entrepreneur in Jamaica.  This former Miss Jamaica and Miss Universe first runner-up as traveled the world to places like Isreal, Italy, Cuba, Egypt, Spain, just to name a few and have recorded it all on her blog called Odyssey By Yendi.

Lorane Rhoden

Lorane Rhoden has been a fashion and lifestyle blogger for as far back as 2010.  The blogger started ‘Haute People’ to showcase her love for writing and fashion. In 2017 and 2018, Haute People was nominated for the South Florida Bloggers Award. They have invited this Jamaican blogger to attend New York Fashion Week as the Fashion Mingle’s Caribbean presentative.

Jhunelle Jureidini

The inspiration behind the ‘Simply Local Life‘ blog is Jhunelle Jureidini. Simple Local Life, offers an insight on life in Jamaica. As Jhunelle travels the island showcasing and writing about her love for and the uniqueness of Jamaica. 

Kerona Ledgister

Kerona is a Blogger, Youtuber, and beauty and lifestyle blogger behind the Ms. Sparkle and Glow blog. Being no stranger to the blogging world, Ms. Sparkle and Glow is only one of the blogs Kerona has started. 

While we know that there are other successful and famous Jamaican bloggers, we cannot mention them all in one article. We, however, continue to encourage and motivate our young people to take advantage of the resources around them, which includes the internet in pursuit of their passions and dreams. 

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