Jamaican Beaches – Top 5 – June 2020

jamaican beaches negril

Every year millions of tourists flock to Jamaican Beaches. It is true. Jamaica is home to some of the best beaches and the world. With over 900 kilometers of coastline, Jamaican beaches are the best place for weddings, morning cruises, snorkeling, and other recreational water sports.

Making this list was hard, as the list of amazing beaches is a mile long! Come as we explore the sandy beaches in the tropical Caribbean breeze, here is our list of must-visit Jamaican beaches.

Seven Mile Beach

Negril Beach, one of the most famous beaches in all of the Caribbean, is called the Negril or Seven-mile Beach. Kayaking, snorkeling, boat sailing, water surfing; any activity you have an interest in, you will find on Negril beach. Don’t have equipment? Don’t worry more than often you will find equipment rentals within walking distance from the beach. One disadvantage is that the beach tends to be crowded, for persons who require a not so crowded beach check out number two.

Frenchman’s Cove Beach

Frenchman’s Cove Beach is located approximately two hours from Kingston and Montego Bay in the beautiful quiet Parish of Portland. A favorite spot to host weddings, exclusive parties, and relax. This Lagoon-style beach is secluded and known to be where the holly-wood stars hang out whenever they are on the island—located close to the Famous Geejam hotel, the Trident hotel, and The Jamaica Palace hotel. Frenchman’s Cove may be just what you are looking for to get some peace and serenity.

Doctor’s Cove Beach

Doctor’s Cove Beach. A beautiful 80-degree beach found the second city, Montego-bay Jamaica. The sound of the waves will be all you hear as no vending or music is allowed on this beach. Book your tours and water activities or relax in the beautiful golden sun. The Doctor’s Cove Beach is a must-visit if you are ever in Jamaica.

Hellshire Beach 

Hellshire Beach. A favorite among tourists and locals is the Hellshire Beach, in the capital city of Kingston, Jamaica. We know this beach for its crystal blue waters and its backdrop of the blue mountains. While not all beach areas are white-sanded, this beach is an excellent place to relax and have some beer on the beautiful Hellshire Beach.

Ocho Rios Bay Beach

Number five is the Ocho Rios Bay Beach. As the name suggests, this beach is located in beautiful Ocho Rios, a favorite place for tourists and travelers. The Ocho Rios Bay Beach is accessible to the cruise ship visitors and offers many shallow areas suitable for children to play with ease. Be sure to check out this beach if you are ever in Ocho Rios and be sure to take a sea shell for your keepsake.

Of course there are many more..

Boston Beach, Mammee Bay Beach, Rose Hall beach, there are so many more great beaches. If we named all the fascinating beaches in Jamaica, we would be here all day.

Be sure that whichever beach you find yourself on in Jamaica, you enjoy it to the fullest and take lots of pictures. Cheers.