Choose Your Favorite Jamaican City

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Jamaica is a popular island in the Caribbean sea, approximately 10,990 kilometers square. The population of this island is about 2.935 Million, according to research in 2018. We know the island for its warm climate, exotic beaches, and vibrant culture; Jamaica attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists and travelers each year.

While so we can say much about this pearl in the Caribbean, and its fun beaches, there is much more. For those who want to make Jamaica their home, let’s look at your options for Jamaican city life.


Kingston is the capital of the island of Jamaica and also the largest parish with a population of over 1.2 million persons. This city is by far the busiest city as it is home to the government buildings, top universities, business hubs, and one of the major airports on the island (Kingston-Norman Manley Airport). Kingston divided into an uptown and downtown section, though informally, with the cheaper areas of commerce located in downtown Kingston.

Being the key city, crime is also a concern in the more urban sections, more than other parts of Jamaica. It is the central marketplace for the eastern parishes on the island for stocking up on supplies. If you are ever in Kingston, be sure to see the famous Bob Marley Museum, take a tour of Port Royal, or go hiking up the Blue Mountain. If you have time, stay over and enjoy the nightlife.

Montego Bay

Rose Hall Great house Montego Bay City Jamaica

On Jamaica’s north coast, there is Montego Bay in the parish of St. James. Montego Bay is a favorite among tourist destinations in all the Caribbean. With hotels and resorts like Sandals resort, Doctors Cave Beach Resort, RIU Hotels, and many more. Find Montego Bay always packed with tourists as there are many activities and entertainment that tourists travel from all over the world to see. This city is home to one of the two airports (Sangster International Airport) in Jamaica and only a short distance to another famous tourist location, Ocho Rios. Montego Bay is the central hub for its neighbor parishes as it has one of the two major markets in Jamaica, with Kingston having the other.

Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios, which was once a popular fishing village, is now one of the major cities in Jamaica. Tourists and locals love Ocho Rios because of the nightlife, attractions like Dunn River Falls and the beautiful resorts and coastlines. Find your delicious jerk and Spicy meat driving along the road in Ocho Rios and relax in tranquility on a beach or a hotel room. In Ochi, as the locals call this city, you can not run out of things to do. Around every corner, there is a different tour or attraction or a hotel you have not yet stayed in. Be sure to check out Ocho Rios if you are ever in Jamaica.

There is something for everybody in Jamaica. The deciding factor is which one of its beaches you want to be on and what activities you would want to take part in. Whichever city you visit, ensure that you enjoy Jamaica, see its culture, and don’t forget to breed some fresh air.

Cost of apartments in Montego Bay vs Kingston Jamaica

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It is a fact that Kingston and Montego Bay are two of the most vibrant places in Jamaica to live. While the job opportunities, nightlife, and entertainment are better than living in rural Jamaica, the cost of living in these major cities is of some concern. Here we will make some comparisons to help you decide on your next home based on the cost of living in Kingston and Montego Bay.

Utilities and Entertainment

Utility and entertainment costs in both cities are usually the same; you pay based on your usage, which will vary from household to household. The average cost could be JMD 25,000 for electric, water, internet, and cable bill.


Montego Bay is home to the Charles Garden Market, which serves as the urban hub for the western side of the island. This means neighboring parishes would seek to come to this hub to buy and sell food. The Coronation Market in Kingston serves as this hub for the Eastern side of the island, making the cost of food in both cities relatively the same. Therefore, the cost of food would depend on the number of persons in your household and how much you consume monthly.

Kingston, Jamaica

Rental and Real Estate

According to premium statistics, the cost of living in Kingston is 13% higher than living in Montego Bay, depending on where in Kingston you want to live. If you live in places referred to as the garrison or places more pronto violence, you will pay a lesser cost than if you live in premium areas. A Two Bedroom rental in Kingston would take out of pocket on average JMD 40-45,000 monthly, while in Montego Bay, you would look at JMD 30-40,000 for that same appointment. 

While there are a few upscale sections in Montego-bay, which come with high price tags, in Kingston, there are entire neighborhoods and communities with this price tag. 

Based on discoveries made above, the cost of living in Kingston and Montego Bay is relatively the same unless it comes on to rent and real estate. If you do not wish to live in Portmore or neighboring communities and to be closer to the working environment in Kingston, you will pay a higher price tag than the ones who do. We hope this article helped to relieve your curiosity. 

Biking Trails in Jamaica – Explore Jamaica by Biking

Ready to explore some biking trails in Jamaica? Jamaica is a scenic beauty with mountainous ranges and paradise beaches. No wonder there are also some scenic biking trails in Jamaica for beginners to expert enthusiasts. Want insights into great Jamaican biking trails? Keep reading for more.

The top areas for biking in Jamaican produce a diverse range of trails. Some trails are best done in groups while others you can tackle on your own. Check out our most popular biking ranges below.

The Blue Mountain Biking Trails

The Blue Mountain is a scenic mountain offering hiking, camping, climbing, and biking activities for tourists and locals alike.

Some biking trails on the blue mountain include;

  • Blue Mountain Peak Biking Trail
  • Triple Bypass Biking Trail
  • Scotchies Biking Trail
  • Farm Trail Biking Trail
  • Woodford Biking Trail
  • Happy Gate Biking Trail

Robin’s Bay Biking Trails (Pimento Hill)

Robins Bay is a rural beach getaway in Saint Mary, with trails that are very beginner-friendly. About 40 minutes from the town of Ocho Rios, you have a great view or the sea as you bike your way along the trails.

Some biking trails in Robin’s Bay are:

  • John Crow Gully Biking Trail
  • Pressure Drop Biking Trail
  • Kill Hill Biking Trail

Oracabessa Biking Trails

Oracabessa is a quaint little town about 20 minutes away from Ocho Rios. This means it is possible to take a visit on a day stop for your cruise, check out the famous James Bond Beach, or just get straight to riding.

Some of the biking trails in Oracabessa are:

  • Trench Town
  • Murray Mint
  • Irie Fm
  • Melt Down

The best way to explore would be with a local. There are many other off-the-beaten-path tracks to enjoy. Jamaica is a natural beauty with paths along the sea, in the mountains, or across farmlands. The choice of the perfect Jamaican bike trail is up to you and how adventurous you feel today.

Discover new places in your town at weekend

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Staycations are the best way to get to know the warmth and beauty of your own island.

Local Stays at Guesthouse and Inns

Get out and let someone else do the cleaning. A local getaway is a glorious way to break from the monotony and to clear your mind from the things you want to get done at home. Jamaica has thousands of spots to find room and board for your entire family.

Search for Guesthouses and Inns, or check out your favorite shared housing app such as Airbnb. Staying local increases the chance of meeting fellow like-minded locals, while providing a more distraction-free stay.

Go at your own pace and budget by choosing exactly the amenities you need, whether with food included or without. If you have a car or do not mind local transportation, you have time to check out hidden gems, local eateries aka ‘cook-shops’, and stop at the local jelly man.


There are thousands of beaches not in any top-ten lists for Jamaica.  Jamaica is literally an island, meaning the ocean surrounds it.  At many points around the border, there are hidden coves – many only known to locals. This means white sand, lots of space to spread out, and no time-limit.

Ask around for where these spots are or use a map to check out roads that may lead to the beach.


Everyone loves a good meal! Yum. A great way to have fun is to share a good meal with friends. Experience a cuisine you haven’t tried, or your favorite in a new way. A good way to get recommendations is to ask around. Poll your friends, ask on social media, or do a quick Google search.

If you are in a new area, a quick search using your map app is a great way to find what’s local and nearby. Using location tracking you can choose the best for buck and location. You can view ratings, see comments, and make your choice based on the suggestion of many others.


If you like to have stories after every trip, then a backyard adventure is right for you. Zip lining, bungee jumping, river-tubing – all great adventures that require just a couple of hours.

Jamaica ais a top tourist destination, which means there are activities at every corner. Try bike riding on our many trails if you want, go tour Mystic Mountains, or have a swim with the dolphins at Dolphin’s Cove.


Kingston is the party capital of Jamaica. Don’t sleep on Ocho Rios or Montego Bay though. Almost everywhere in Jamaica you go, there will be an area knows for its nightlife. If you want to hang out a bit with the locals, or dance the night away, ask the locals where to go.

Have a drink at the local bar. Go shake a leg at the local club. Hang out at the local karaoke, maybe win a prize of two.

Have fun exploring Jamaica on your next weekend!