Most Beautiful Jamaican Women – Top 5 2020

yendi philliphs jamaica

Jamaica is a country with the most beautiful women anywhere in the world. Beauty, grace, and a superb figure are things that flow naturally from a Jamaican woman. It is challenging to look at an island filled with beautiful Jamaican women and select only 5 to bring to your attention. While so much can be said about these Jamaican beauties, we have summarized some key points for you. In no particular order:

Yendi Phillips

Yendi is a model, entrepreneur, Miss Jamaica World in 2007, and Miss Jamaica Universe in 2010. Yendi Phillips loves to travel and take life a step at a time. This local celebrity is seen in many of the country’s commercials, representing the band she believes in. Yendi serves as a mom, Jamaican television Host, model, actress, and a motivation for youthful women all over Jamaica. Her positivity and light as made her one the most beautiful women in Jamaica. 

Lisa Hanna

Ms. Hanna is a Jamaican Politician and the third woman to take a Miss World title to Jamaica in 1993. Today, Lisa Hanna is an active member of the Jamaican government, serving as a wife, mum, and parliament member for her home parish of St. Ann. There is no question why Lisa Hanna is in the top 5 beautiful women in Jamaica. As Lisa Hanna’s beauty seems to get better as she ages. 

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce Jamaican Athlete, the fastest woman in the world, is among the most beautiful women in Jamaica. Shelly-Ann grabbed the world’s attention as 2008; she becomes the first Caribbean woman to receive a gold medal in the 100m race. Shelly-Ann wears many hats, including being a wife and mother; hats she wears gracefully with great pride, beauty, and elegance.

Toni-Ann Singh 

Toni-Ann Singh is the fourth female to bring a Miss World title to Jamaica as she did in 2019. Toni-Ann is poised with grace and beauty, which seems to shine through her wherever she goes. On top of a beautiful singing voice and exceptional dance moves. Ms. Singh as proven herself to be one of the most beautiful women in Jamaica and the world, all while graduating from Florida State.

Davina Bennett

Davina is a Jamaican model who won Miss Jamaica Universe in 2017. Davina exhibits a natural Afro-Jamaican look at has made her known among her Jamaican counterparts. Bennett was contracted as the face of Shea Moisture in 2018 and also represents several companies worldwide Davina Bennett has now entered into the field of entrepreneurship and also represents several companies worldwide.

davina bennet jamaica
Danina Bennet, Miss Universe Jamaica. Most Beautiful Jamaican Women.

This list is only a fraction of the beautiful women in Jamaica. While we know the island for its yummy dishes, music such as Reggae, and authentic way of life – its women stand out as one of its most attractive features. Let’s give a round of applause to the beauty of Jamaican women. 

Top 5 miss universe/world in Jamaica

three miss universe Jamaica

To date, Jamaica has won 4 Miss World Title; In the year 1963, 1976, 1993 and 2019.

Each year hundreds of women compete for the position of being the next Miss Universe or Miss World. This is a prestigious award bestowed on only the best. Here is a list of Jamaica’s top 5 Miss Universe/ Miss world Contestants.

Lisa Rene Hanna

Lisa Rene Hanna won the Miss World title in 1993, becoming the third Jamaican to have won this title. Lisa Hanna is now a Politian in the country of Jamaica and as been for over 13 years. In addition to her political career, Ms. Hanna has been known for her presence, acting and hosting television shows. To date, Lisa Hanna is one of Jamaica’s most memorable Ms. World Winner.

Toni-Ann Singh

The newest Jamaican crowned Ms. World is Ms. Toni-Ann Singh. Crowned in 2019, Ms. Singh, who is a 23 native of Morant Bay, St. Thomas, recently graduated from Florida State University (FSU). Known for her incredible charm and beautiful singing voice Ms. Singh has won the hearts of many all over the world. Ms. Singh, crowned at an event in ExCeL London on December 14, 2019, Ms. Toni-Ann Singh gave a new light to the small island with her well-deserved win.

Yendi Amira Phillipps 

Yendi Phillipps is one of Jamaica’s favorite Television host, beauty queen, and model. Yendi, who was the winner of the Miss Jamaica World 2007 beauty pageant, as well as the Miss Jamaica Universe 2010 pageant, and was the 1st runner-up on the Miss Universe stage. As she serves her country in many different ways, hosting events, tv host, and businesswoman empowering, and enriching lives while traveling the world. Yendi Phillips is a favorite among the Miss World winners.

Cynthia Jean Cameron Breakspeare

Cynthia Jean Cameron Breakspeare Knows as a singer, entrepreneur, musician, and beauty queen. Cynthia Breakspeare won Miss World in 1976. Breakspeare is the mother of the famous Damion Marley, also called Junior Gong, son of the legendary reggae artist Bob Marley. Ms. Cynthia Breakspeare is now an entrepreneur enjoying her grandchildren.

most beautiful jamaican beauties

Carole Joan Crawford

Carole Joan Crawford won the Miss World competition in 1963. She was the first delegate to win who was from Jamaica and the Caribbean at large.  Before winning the Miss World competition, Ms. Crawford was a Jamaican model. Of course, upon her historical win, Jamaica threw one of the biggest celebrations the country had seen. In honor of her winning the Miss World title, the Jamaica Post issued a series of stamp printed on these stamps were images of Crawford wearing a swimsuit on her big win.

Top 5 Placement

While throughout the history of the Miss Universe and Miss World competition, Jamaica has won only four titles. There are several times where Jamaica was in the top 5:

  • 1972 – Ava-Joy Gill (5th)
  • 1973 – Patricia Teresa Yuen Leung (3rd)
  • 1979 – Debbie Campbell (3rd)
  • 1981 – Sandra Cunningham (3rd)
  • 1983 – Cathy Levy (4th)
  • 1985 – Allison Barnett (5th)
  • 1991 – Sandra Foster (4th)
  • 2006 – Sara Lawrence (4th)
  • 2015 – Sanneta Myrie (4th)
  • 2018 – Kadijah Robinson (2nd)

This data goes to prove the potential of the Jamaican queens on these world stages. And also stand as motivation that Jamaican women can do anything.

Nail polish colors, do they affect your mood?

Pink, red, black, white and green. Is it possible that the nail polish you wear can affect your mood? What color nail polish is your favorite? Is it pink and are you a naturally cheery person? If it’s black, do you dislike crowds and rather stay alone?

So, can nail polish affect your mood? The short answer is no. However, the color you choose for your little digits can say a lot about your personality.


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White nail polish is for the young, hip, minimalist crowd. We often associate white with virtue – cue white wedding dress. White nail polish is definitely not for the faint of heart. Imagine prepping some authentic Jamaican curried goat or some Jamaican coconut curried shrimp with white fingernail polish? Bring on the gloves, please!


Black nail polish can also signify someone who loves a minimalistic approach to life. This person is secretly a power lover though. This person is very calculated in their approach to life, love and money. A person sporting black nail polish knows what’s up, but they won’t tell you. A point of comfort is that they don’t mind throwing it down in the kitchen or don’t mind physical activities they know they can win at.

Black nail polish on Jamaican Woman


Pink is a girly-girl’s color. People loving pink as their nail polish go-to color tends to be sassy and feminine. These persons are often in love with love and enjoy a quiet time at home watching movies. A darker pink often means this person has a mature personality, often because of their caring nature. Although they are caring, their tempers are often easy to ignite, so be warned.

They are guaranteed to be fun to hang around. So grab your favorite pink nailed friends and head out for a fun dinner, and a dance, if you are lucky.